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Hi,  I'm Zoe...


  For many years I was stuck in a negative mindset and working in a soul-destroying industry. I was lost and completely disconnected from who I truly was. I felt stuck and I couldn't see a way to change my future.


Gradually I got closer to what I thought was my dream career,  to work in Fashion! and I started a business in Arabic fashion in Dubai, although it was my dream it didn't feel right.


I was full of anxiety and past trauma that I hadn't yet healed. Using varied addictions to numb my deeper feelings. Not knowing that there were tools to overcome these emotions. 


I had experienced a number of traumatic events that had built up over the years, but after a horse riding accident and my first Kundalini yoga class, I felt it was an opening to my inner connection and it was time to wake up and change. 


I've been sober since I turned 30, and I live a healthy lifestyle, I now feel spiritually connected and aligned with myself.

I have tried many styles of yoga but after discovering Kundalini yoga I was instantly hooked! This was the connection that had been missing from my life, and later it led me to study at the Ik Saran Dhian school.


I have since studied The Mother's Journey, which guided me to have a positive birth and gave me a different perspective on my pregnancy journey. I have also completed the Star Child training with Siri Arti and Reiki training with Vayia 

Kundalini yoga has helped me to release trauma, anxiety, fear, limiting beliefs, and subconscious negative, and addictive patterns, it has realigned me closer to my authentic self. 


I use my life experiences to help others grow on their spiritual journey and step into their true self.  


Kundalini yoga has connected me to my creativity and the healing benefits of music. I completed a course on sound healing with Harriet Emily. I love to share sound in each of my sessions to remove unknown blockages, help with anxiety, and sleep issues, and many more. 


I created my version of the Kundalini closing song "Long Time Sun", and I continue to make music under the name ZOĒ. You can listen to my music on all major platforms. 


I use the gong and crystal singing bowls in my offerings and cacao for healing and heart-opening moon rituals. I use a combination of these techniques in my ceremonies and women's circles to give you a deeper connection to yourself.

I live in Marlow with my daughter. I'm available for private 121 sessions, and corporate, and group bookings in the local and London area. 


Please get in touch if you're curious to know more! 

Zoe x 

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