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My first experience with Cacao was when I first discovered that I was pregnant. I felt a deep connection and a sense of knowing throughout the ceremony and later I found out that I was pregnant. Sometime after the birth, I returned to cacao and now use it intuitively as part of my ritual, sometimes daily or weekly for guidance and connection. I feel that it’s made me feel more aligned,  it has helped to manifest the path that I desire and I want to share that with you too.

Everyone’s experience with cacao is different. sometimes it will bring up deep-rooted emotions and for others, it’s more subtle, slowly guiding you along onto the right path.


Benefits of Cacao?

It’s not only a heart opener and healer but raw ceremonial cacao is packed full of goodness such as magnesium, calcium, sulfur, plant-based iron, antioxidants, monosaturated fats, cholesterol-free saturated fat, vitamins, minerals and fibre, natural carbohydrates, and protein. Cacao contains Theobromine which is similar in structure to caffeine but without the jittery-ness so it can be used as a morning ritual to boost your day.


History of Cacao?

It was traditionally used by the Mayans and Aztecs for ceremonial use around marriage, birth, and before passing or any type of celebration. It later made Its way to Europe where It was used medically to stimulate the nervous system and improve mood. it relaxes the mind and helps to give you clarity and direction in your life. A cacao ceremony is great for those who would like guidance in a particular area of their life and for deep healing.


What to expect?

Everyone’s cacao ceremony is different and I encourage you to try other ceremonies to see what resonates with you. In my monthly event, I focus more on Kundalini Yoga and intentions than a shamanic traditional ceremony. I combine cacao with Kundalini yoga and meditations to activate the cacao and to deeply shift anything that’s no longer serving us. You can always work at your own pace. I feel kundalini works well with cacao as it combines movement to shift stuck energy, and vibrations from singing and we journal to set our intentions to bring focus to what we want to heal or invite in. The cacao alone will do the work but the workshop helps to deepen the practice. You will find that it will bring up emotions that need to be healed, and you will also feel more connected to your creativity and sense of self. I encourage you to journal after the event.


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