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Using sound is a great way to relax the mind and clear out the subconscious. For many people, it can be very challenging to sit with a silent mind and meditate. By using sounds such as the gong and crystal singing bowls it can help to distract the mind, letting you drift into deep relaxation and letting the vibrations do the work. 

It’s very easy to become out of balance and out of tune within the mind, body, or soul. Through the healing vibrations of sound, our bodies can be brought back into alignment.

I play both the gong and crystal singing bowls for sound healing events and only the singing bowls for ending my Kundalini class and ceremonies.


The gong helps to bring forward any stuck emotions, the sound is quite heavy and it's not suitable for pregnant women. The singing bowls are a lighter uplifting sound and realign your chakras leaving you feeling more balanced. 

I use sound in most of my classes and I hold a monthly sound healing ritual, on the evening of the Full Moon. Please see my booking page for details. 

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